Friday, October 6, 2017

Red Snowflake - Seven Day Mystery Quilt Reveal

As a part of Finish Fest, I have finished the Seven Day Mystery Quilt, which currently has the creative name Red Snowflake.

I enjoyed every part of making this quilt, even parts that might have been frustrating in the past.  The fabric selection was quick and easy - pick a fabric and a background.  Making the blocks was enjoyable.  Maximum of four easy blocks, with easy directions.  Putting them together was easy and fun, solving a mystery made it more interesting.  The straight line quilting with all its turns was still fun, because I was highlighting the snowflake and looking forward to the free  motion afterwards.  The free motion quilting also moved along easily. I used a generic darning foot and it worked wonderfully. I think I will be using more generic feet with this machine.  The brand name ones are crazy expensive.

Thank you Rose of Threadbare Creations, for this great mystery and pattern.

Presenting it is the hardest part. Besides the fact that it is dark and rainy outside, Blogger didn't want to accept my photos.

Future historians aren't going to know how to take this quilt. Of course they will be looking over and analyzing my work. Some of them will say, "no Shasta didn't make this; she tends to add things to simple modern quilts to make them less modern." Others will say, "yes she did make it.  See this lump? This was made before she learned how to make proper bindings."

This quilt is versatile. It fits right at home with my other modern quilts.

It fits with the Christmas quilts. 

And it fits with the red and white quilts.  I remember saying of my last small quilt finish that it was the biggest small quilt I had made. I don't remember which one that was so I can't compare, but I think this one is bigger. It crowds out the other quilts so there is no danger of it having a permanent place on the bulletin board.

I looked it up. It was the Irish chain.  I'm sure it would look good with that too!

It looks good with the Valentine's Day quilt.

Linked to:

 Scraphappy Saturday. Even though it is red and white, it looks pink from a distance, and has a pink backing.


Jasmine said...

Such a pretty finish. I agree that it is versatile. I love the spirals in the background.

The Joyful Quilter said...

You said red, but I thought it was PINK for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Congrats! on a quick finish.

scraphappy said...

What a fun finish. There is always a bit of suspense with mystery quilts. Glad this one turned out so well.

Nancy said...

This is a great quilt, Shasta! It's simple and straight-forward and so very inviting. Who doesn't love a large snowflake quilt?!!! The quilting is wonderful, too!

Rose Johnston said...

Its gorgeous Shasta. Im thrilled you had fun with my mystery. Ive so enjoyed seeing everyones Snowflakes. Thanks for joining in 💕💕

Kaja said...

Great finish and I like it seems so at home with your other quilts too. It was definitely a good choice to go with red and white.

Cathy said...

I love your finish. Hugs

Lisa J. said...

What a great quilt this is. I really like it...and a mystery at that.

Kate said...

Congrats on a very pretty (and versatile) finish!

Cathy said...

Wonderful mystery quilt. Lovely job of quilting it. I never know how to quilt anything to enhance the blocks. And I use generic feet too.

June D said...

Beautiful - This one looks like fun to make!