Sunday, November 19, 2017

Day 1 of Circle 365

When I turned the page to November 16 in my 5-year diary on Thursday, I saw that it has been a big day over the years.  In 2014, I got a cute sticker I was able to add to beautify my page. Apparently that was the only exciting thing that happened that day. But in 2015, I was painting my picnic table and in 2016, I finally found and bought my sofa.

The other exciting thing about that day was that it was Day 1 of the Circle 365 quilt. The one where you make a circle a day for 365 days and at the end of the year you can make a whole quilt out of your circles.  Yeah, well, Day 1 was in 2015. And I am still nowhere near 365 circles. I haven't given up on the project, it is just that I keep making other things.

But to commemorate anyway, I made some more circles. I am also showing some circles I made earlier this year but probably haven't shown yet. According to my blog, the last one I showed you was 191 in July.

Block 192

I believe this was a fabric that was gifted to me by another quilter.  It looks like a leftover from a bigger circle. It was in the box unsewn, so I sewed it on.

Block 193

When I bought the extension table (which I still have to review), it came with a circle maker.  I decided to practice using it.   It makes bigger circles than I expected.  Here I am trying to see if I can finagle it to make smaller circles.

Block 194

This circle is made of the backing fabric of the Adinkra quilt. I will press it at some point.

Block 195

This is one of the blocks that was already made, so I am not sure if I have shown you. I couched a yarn.

Block 196


You did expect some red and white fabric here didn't you? Does that make this quilt a child of one of the other generations? Or is it a distant cousin since it won't share much DNA with the others.

Block 197

There's another one. Both of these were already made and in the box.

Block 198

This one was also made from the gifted fabric, and was in the box.

Block 199

Another one that was already made. It uses Adinkra fabric. The address is from a piece of junk mail I was using as a backdrop.  It was really windy outside and all the blocks kept flying away.

Block 200

Block 200! You don't know how happy this makes me. Nice big round number.  More Adinkra fabric left over used with Life of Plenty leftover. Of course, if I have already shown you any of these blocks, I may have to backtrack. 

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Tanya said...

You said you are nowhere near 365 circles but you must have an awful lot now! How are you going to sew them all together when the big time comes?

Kaja said...

More circles, yay!

Bonnie said...

I so love your interesting and wild circles! Mine are so
boring in comparison! I think for my last few I will take it up a notch! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

You have some very creative circles, Shasta. It will be fun to see all of them together in a quilt when you finish your 365.

Robin said...

I was expecting the 'same old, same old' circles and so I was kind of surprised when I saw that 1st circle. And then I was intrigued and then I was fascinated. Too fun.

Janie said...

Very wonderful!
Great fun, It will be fabulous all together.

KrisR said...

What an interesting 'take' on the 365 Circle challenge! I love it. I've been looking at mine (I did 'squircles') and thinking I might want to do another one but with a different slant.

Cathy said...

Glad to see you are back at the circles! I love your version of Quilty 365.

Ann said...

These are such clever circles. You really have an eye. I doubt I will ever get to 365 but did make several and need to put them together. Thanks for linking your creative post with AHIQ>

audrey said...

Your circles are so interesting and unique! Love them!