Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Squirrels on the Loose!

I was patiently and calmly quilting the Adinkra quilt, following  the momentum I had built on quilting a couple of other quilts recently. I stitched in the ditch. Remember the good old days when stitching in the ditch was the quilting, and not the preparation for the quilting? I quilted the inner borders.  I am now working on the individual blocks. I haven't decided on what to do with the outer borders yet.

But then Black Friday and subsequent sales happened and fabric and beads and scrapbooking paper kept jumping into my cart.  Nothing like a mystery quilt to give yourself an excuse to buy fabric! I am going to make Bonnie Hunter's On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt.  Right now, I made about a fourth of part one of the mystery blocks. I think I want a small wall hanging but I am very tempted to make the full size. I had to stop myself from making any more blocks. I think I need a bit more variety of fabrics in this set.

And then when I was making the first blocks for the mystery quilts, I decided to go into this box for a wider range of the aqua/teal colors.  And saw that even though I've collected this fabric for a long time, I haven't cut or sewn anything. I said I wanted to make this quilt a long time ago, ahem in June of 2015. I even made a label for it for my sidebar.

I decided that this equilateral triangle quilt would work wonderfully as a leader and ender.  Not much thinking required to just sew triangles together.  I cut what I could into triangles, and the leftovers can go into the mystery quilt.

Yeah, I've added two new quilts to the mix, and there are a few others that are trying to weasel their way in line.  The WIPs just took a tiny step backwards, and I will continue to work on them so they can also continue to make progress.


Kaja said...

I's funny, you are not the first person I have found starting new projects this week - despite the fact that there's so much else going on in December. Yours sound great - I really like your pile of blues and greens and leaders/enders are the perfect way to make progress without really noticing you're doing it.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I am forever trying to smack those weasels trying to push themselves into the queue~ they'll do it, given half a chance. Your quilting looks great; and yes, I remember when ditch quilting sufficed. Sigh.