Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ringo Lake Mystery

I've joined many other quilters to make the On Ringo Lake Mystery quilt with Bonnie Hunter.  Four steps have been released, and here's my progress so far.

The first step were simple nine patches.  I didn't get a lot of variety in the fabrics, since I am making about a fourth of the blocks, and almost wished to make more. I decided to wait to see how the other blocks went.

I've been watching Broadchurch on Netflix, and sunrises and sunsets in my own neighborhood. 

 I really like the colors - the blues, the peaches, the grays, the whites, and the dark browns.

I normally don't like making the same quilt as others and in the same colors, but in this case, it is hard to make a change. And yes, I know my bright colors don't really look like this.

This step involved making these diamond shaped things. Although it involved marking, they came together pretty easily.

And it came with these bonus HSTs.  They are tiny, and the dog ears are almost as big as the block! I'm not sure I will keep doing these, as they do take a lot of extra time to mark, sew and press. Maybe I will do some raw edge applique with more bonus triangles, if there are any.

I guess I have to talk about the flying geese.  Sigh.  I decided to do the No Waste Method, making four at a time. Let's see how many mistakes I can make with one block. I cut them wrong, so that the tips are coral/peach instead of the center. I used the same square for all the centers, so all the backgrounds are the same. I would consider this a design choice and a way to make my quilt different from the others. But I don't think so. They don't seem to have the right amount of seam allowance, so no sharp points. And they turned out not to be the right size. They weren't even fun to make.

Let's move on, shall we.  This step was fun. It had triangles, but no marking was required and they went together easily.Here's another way to make these blocks.

Here they all are in a box. I don't want to count them. Counting ruins my motivation when the numbers get so large.

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Marle said...

I love to read your stories! It´s very interesting how this your Ringo Lake mystery continues!

Cheryl said...

The pieces look great, I can't wait to see the quilt design come together.

Kate said...

You've done a great job of getting some of each part made. I can't not count, that drives me crazy to not know where I'm at. Your sunrise/sunset photos are beautiful.

Sadami said...

Dear Shasta, your post and photos are very lovely. I admire your skills and passion. Thank u very much for visiting my blog. Your quilts are very beautiful. Keep up a good job. Best wishes, Sadami

Tanya said...

You are making great headway with your various blocks! I have made one mystery quilt from Bonnie's website and I loved sewing it! I didn't know what to do about the quilting afterwards though... hmmm.. maybe I can't catch up with the one you are making but I may be ready to do another mystery quilt in the near future.

Becca said...

Don't be discouraged. I look at each of these as a way to learn something new. I think you're learning more than you give yourself credit for. Besides, you may find your mistakes make the quilt special.