Friday, December 15, 2017

Quilting Adinkra

I've been quiet lately because I have been quilting the Adinkra quilt.  I've cut some pieces for Ringo Lake mystery, but I wanted to make progress on the Adinkra quilt while the machine was set up for quilting it.

Quilting is always scary for me, especially if I like the quilt top, because I am afraid I will ruin it with the quilting. I could have mechanical problems with thread tension or needles breaking, or I could make bad choices of quilting design and thread.

 In this case, I forgot to change the thread to a lighter one, so it was even more scary.

I chose to echo quilt around the applique and choose a different design for each row of economy blocks. After seeing some information about some doodle quilting, I decided that the echo would not be perfect echos, but a doodle that somewhat resembles echo quilting. This makes the quilting easier and more fun, since the rules are very relaxed, but even more scary since there is a greater chance that I could "ruin" the quilt with the quilting.

After a few scary "what did you do?" moments, I decided to push through, and now this is growing on me. I like the boldness, the exuberance and joyfulness, the variety and the disregard to the rules of precision. I think that if I had to be represented by one of my quilts, this is the one I would chose.

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Chantal said...

Happy to hear it is growing on you because it is awesome. I ♥ it. ;^)

Jasmine said...

This is amazing! I love the texture your quilting adds.

Unknown said...

Your quilt is lovely and I really like the quilting.

Katie Z. said...

Your quilt looks fabulous!

Cathy said...

It's definitely not ruined! The quilting goes perfectly with the quilt.

June D said...

Yes - I agree with the others. Amazing! Fantastic! This is quilt has always looked majestic, but now it even looks comforting. Very, very nice.

Tanya said...

Great!!! Absolutely fantastic!!! Your quilting really sets off the appliqué. It is turning out beautifully!!!