Saturday, November 16, 2019

Incoming Goodies

I hope this post doesn't feel like an advertisement, because nobody is paying me to say anything, but I wanted to share these with you.

First up is some fabric my sister found at Aldi's. Thanks Sis!  I think these would look great in the Sawtooth Star quiltalong or the Little Miss Sawtooth quiltalong both of which are held by Melanie Traylor at Southern Charm quilts. I really like the soft colors she uses in her quilts.

Next up is some beautiful dyed fabric I received from Katy from KatyQuilts. Thanks, Katy! These are so soft and beautiful. These are nice and bright. I find that I use bright fabrics most often. Remember that photo I showed of the artwork I saw at the library in October? I think these fabrics would look great in a quilt recreation of that artwork.

There is also an applique quilt I want to start, an applique pattern by Tamsin Harvey. I have purchased fabric for it, so just need to decide which one I want to do, and give myself permission to start it.

Lastly, I wanted to share Today's Quilter magazine.  It is a magazine that comes from the UK and when I received an offer to subscribe, I didn't hesitate.  I really like this magazine since the quilts in the magazine are different from the ones we see in the states - usually more complex, and they always provide a free gift with the magazine.  This time, the magazine didn't wow me, although there are some cute things in there, but that free gift with the nutcracker quilt did. It reminds me of a scrappy Christmas quilt that was one of the first buy by the block quilts I had seen way back when I first started quilting.

I try not to share my purchases, etc. because I don't want to encourage acquisition for those who are trying to cut down their stashes, but I couldn't help myself this time. This post is mostly to remind me of new quilts I want to start, but won't because I want to stay focused on finishing some things.  I started lots of new things at the start of this year, so maybe if these are still on my mind next year, I might start them then.

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Joyful Quilter said...

Sometimes you just need a little splurge and it's nobody's business but yours. Love the hand dyes! Great colors.

Richard covenant said...
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Emily said...

That Nutcracker pattern looks lovely! What a gret inspiration for a holiday quilt!

Tanya said...

Love your snowy leaf photo!

Susie H said...

You added nicely to your stash. Nothing wrong with a little enhancement. Not like you bought yards & yards. That Nutcracker quilt is sweet, sweet, sweet! Where might I find Quilters World magazine? Would love to take a browse!

Susie H said...

Oops! Meant to ask where would I find Quilters World magazine?

Kate said...

Some times you just have to refresh the pending pattern pile. Fun new stuff to play with. Sometimes that helps motivate you to finish off the old.