Thursday, December 19, 2019

Index Card a Day

I told you that I have been making the Index Card a Day (ICAD) for many days this year, beyond the 60 days in the original challenge. I showed you the first 60 cards, but then I slacked off. They only take a few minutes a day and I wasn't sure they were worthy of showing them to you. 

But now as we are close to the end of the year, I figured they would be worthy as a group, so I made a few collages for you.  I basically made one card a day, except for those days where I made none, and except for those days where I made more than one.

I wasn't patient enough with Picasa to make sure they showed all the photos and definitely didn't put them in chronological order. It kept duplicating some and not showing others. And there were too many for me to keep track of which ones were in a collage and which ones weren't.

I thought they would give you a good taste of the rest of the cards.


Kate said...

What a fun project! Are you going to continue with it next year?

Robin said...

It's kind of soothing to see them all together.

Connie said...

Can you imagine making them on fabric with fabric pens and then turning them into a quilt, fun right?

Kim said...

Your assemblage of index cards is fabulously fun. Why I could look at each and every one for a very long time. How wonderful they look all gathered together. Gosh, your imagination knows no bounds!

Janie said...

Merry Christmas! Your cards remind me of a crazy quilt.
And the concept is similar to an art class assignment I had many years ago. We were given a paper divided into a big grid and had to fill in each square with unique art during one class period.
Things like that keep the creativity flowing don't they?