Wednesday, January 1, 2020

My Word of the Year 2020

In 2019, my Word of the Year was Appreciate.  It was meant to make me more grateful for the things I have in life and to take the time to savor instead of rushing through life.

I forgot to add a gratitude every day or even to every post and eventually gave up on even trying to do it once in a while. And I had to keep looking up what my Word of the Year even was.

But I did find a way to incorporate it in my quilting.  I appreciated the joy of quilting and did not impose any restrictions to myself.  If I felt like starting a new quilt, I could, even if I had started others the previous week, even if my pile of UFOs was piling up. I could pick up whatever I felt like working on, even if there were others closer to completion, or newer, or older. I cleaned my sewing room thoroughly, turning everything inside out and appreciating owning all the supplies I had. I could buy more fabric even though I hadn't put away the last batch I bought.

Doing that, I found that I had an incredibly productive 2019. I made and finished more quilts than I ever had in previous years. And I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process. Instead of trying to slog through a bunch of self -imposed restrictions, I could follow the path of least resistance, the past of most joy, and manage to make many quilts while enjoying the process. This method helped me do even those things that seemed extremely difficult, like quilting big quilts on my little machine. I could add quilting stitches when I felt like it, and do something else until I felt like adding more quilting stitches.

For 2020, I want to continue along the same way.  Since Appreciate doesn't quite fit that, I looked for a word that went along with the theme and mood.

laid-back, relaxed, easygoing, at ease,equable, free and easy, easy,casual, informal, friendly, nonchalant, insouciant, unexcitable, , imperturbable, unemotional, unruffled, blasé, blithe, cool, collected, calm, and collected, composed, self-possessed, levelheaded, self-controlled, unperturbed, unflustered, unworried, unconcerned,  placid, peaceful, tranquil, serene, low-key, understated, downbeat, leisurely, unhurried, stoical, phlegmatic, mellow, forbearing, live-and-let-live, tolerant, unflappable, together, chilled, nonplussed


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Good for you for following your heart!!

Robin said...

Laid back, what a perfect word. No pressure, no reporting to anyone but yourself, no monkey on your back. no nit-picking, no unrealistic expectations. . .

Quiltdivajulie said...

Perfect -- great way to approach your "word" for this year.

Kate said...

A great approach to 2020!