Monday, January 9, 2023

Quilt Reveal: I've Got Your Back

In September of 2019, I posted a tutorial of how to make some fabric collage animals. I made several different animals for the tutorial. I wasn't sure whether I would make separate quilts or make one big menagerie quilt, so I added it to my list as one quilt. This means that I am breaking each animal off the menagerie quilt as I make a small quilt.

In December, I showed you Stand Tall giraffe. (More on that quilt below).

Today, I have the I've Got Your Back camel. I made the camel to accompany the llama. As I cut out the camel, I realized I had a lot of scrap collage left, so I also cut out other animals, including the giraffe. The giraffe got finished before the camel. That happens a lot here at the High Road. Quilts are finished out of order from their start date.

 Just like the giraffe, the camel quilt has words on it, which is then the name of the quilt.

 This piece was a sample I made to test out my machine after it came back from the hospital. It was gone for a long time and the repair was pricey so I wanted to make sure it worked right. It does.

I added a button for the eye. It is one of the many buttons on the shirts I used for the Blue Shirts Quilt. I really like this fabric to represent sand.

 Update on the Giraffe Quilt

I wanted to show you that I did add a tail on the giraffe before the end of the year. I also made sure he had two back legs.


Stand Tall is now complete.

2023: More Finishes Than Starts


I am going to try to have more finishes than starts again this year. I didn't manage to finish the camel last year, but it helps me get off to a good start this year.


Joyful Quilter said...

Both the camel and the giraffe look like they were fun to make. I really need to get brave and try some raw edge quilting, your's looks great. Do you plan to make any other animals?

Queeniepatch said...

I love what you have done with the fancy stitches on your machine. It is so seldom we see these decorative seams used for quilting. Good thinking!

Kate said...

Both mini's are really cute! Do you have a place for both or will they be gifts? And congratulations on getting a good start to the year with more finished than new starts.

Rose said...

I missed this you have patterns for your animals, or do you just cut them out free hand. Either way, they are fun.

Tanya said...

Those are both so wonderful!!! I love the way you've quilted down the fabric for the animals with all those flowing stitches. And you've made such a good place to show off the decorative stitches on the camel! Just beautiful!