Sunday, November 12, 2023

Quilting Progress


I didn't realize I was this far behind in reporting my progress for 15 minutes to stitch. I thought I just missed one week. How time flies. It has gotten really hard for me to decide what to count as stitching this month.

For the first two weeks, I know that I didn't do any stitching, but I have been recording and editing videos that tell people about each of my quilts. My family asked me to make videos telling the story of each quilt, and it has been really fun to do that, even though it takes me a lot of time to film and edit the videos. I had been planning on putting all the quilts in a photo book, but this is a little easier, since I can work on one quilt at a time instead of getting together all my thoughts and records about all my quilts for a book. So even though I have been immersed in quilting, I didn't make any progress on any of my quilts, so I am counting the stitching time as zero.

15 Minutes to Stitch Week 42, 43, 44, and 45


For the next two weeks, I have started recording videos for Vlogmas, where YouTubers post a video every day.  I have decided to show my viewers how much work they can get done in 15 minutes. This will keep me from having to come up with a new idea every day. 

I will be working in December, during daylight hours, so I have been trying to record these videos now, and will be editing them in the evenings to post them in December. To keep the videos interesting, I am bringing out a new unfinished quilt every day, but that leaves me feeling like I have to put away incomplete things. I normally don't switch to another quilt until I have finished that step of the process, at least one block. This means that I have continued to work on a quilt even after the 15 minutes of recording is finished.

15 minute days these weeks --14 out of 28
15 minute days this year -- 227 out of 316 days
Success rate  = 72%
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Robin said...

Making all those videos and quilts sounds hard. You are a very motivated person. Best of luck!

Queeniepatch said...

You might not have actually quilted anything but you have been working with quilts by filming them and editing. I call that progress. I’m certain your family will be delighted with the result.
Keep up the good work!

Kate said...

How fun to have the videos, but wow, that is a lot of work. Even if you've not sewn as much lately, your metrics are looking pretty good. You still sewed more than half the days in the year.

Rose said...

I am late commenting here...I love that you are going to do vlogmas! I so will look forward to that. I love your quilt is such a spark to my day when I see you have a new one.

Rajani Rehana said...

Great blog