Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nothing Much

It's Wednesday already, and I haven't told you how my weekend went. I'm sorry for all of you who were holding your breath waiting for the update. You can breathe now. :)

My weekend went well, thank you for asking. We had another laundry weekend, but this time I spent time in CollegeTown doing college things. The professors talked about the economy - and I have come to the conclusion that the reason I don't understand isn't that I am stupid, it is that I don't trust people who just give me the big picture. I want to see the whole picture. They said $700 billion is just the beginning. Not what I wanted to hear, but that I can believe. Also watched some musical performances. My daughter even asked me what I thought of them. Imagine that - her talking to me, instead of me asking her a million questions to get a semblance of a conversation. It was wonderful.

The wonderfulness even overrode the migraine I developed and had much of the weekend.

Since then I have been looking at that to-do list. Since it might rain, I can't put weed killer on the weeds, and can't paint the garage door. There are things I can do - like wax the kitchen floor, but I was thinking I should do outside things while the weather was nice. I have done things, that are not on the list, but needed doing anyway. I do write it on the list so I can cross it off, but the list doesn't seem to be getting any shorter!

I have finished making all the stars. I just have to put them together into a top now. Kim has written a tutorial for a jack-o-lantern quilt that is so adorable. Right now I am thinking that I could quickly throw one of those together after the SITP is a top, since it is going to take a while to manually quilt it.


Paula, the quilter said...

It's too bad that the money plant doesn't grow 'real' coins. We all could use some of them right now.

Days and colors said...

I'm a bit late answering your comment, but now I'm trying to catch up all I missed during the weeks I wasn't able to post. Your stars blocks look great! I love stars and I love blue, can't wait to see this top!
Have a lovely weekend!

Elaine Adair said...

If you are still needing to 'do' something, you can make more of those lovely scrappy stars! They are turning out great!

Just goes to show, a 'humble' block can be kicked up notches - we don't have to settle for 'regular'.