Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Preparing for Winter

I've been meaning to paint the garage door for a while now. I even washed it one day, in preparation, right before it rained and splattered the dirt right back onto the door. I was debating whether it was too late to paint it now. The leaves are already falling and I wasn't sure I wanted to make a leaf collage on my garage door.

The wind was calm and the sky was sunny, so I washed and painted the door (well both the big door and the small one) on the same day.

So now, instead of spending all winter (at least when I use the garage doors) being disappointed that I didn't paint the door, I can simply be disappointed at my imperfect workmanship on my imperfect door.

The photo is from the library, in celebration of Family History Month. It was really interesting, since they had hung the photos in layers in their display room. You really had to be there to see the neat three dimensional effect it made.


Donna said...

maybe you could purposely sponge paint over the areas that feel "imperfect" and call your garage door a work of art in progress? :-)

Carol said...

I think you should do a mosaic type painting on the door - at least the big one! Then it could look like a quilt! :)

Tanya said...

Imperfect makes it individual!