Monday, December 8, 2008

Quiltathon Update

I sewed all the blocks together in rows, and some of the rows have been sewn to each other. I hit a minor snag when I realized that I had the wrong colors for some of my corner stars. The pattern calls for two dark corners and two light corners. I remember being disappointed that they weren't the same, but went with it. It must have been my subconscious which remembered seeing all four corners being similar in the pictures I saw of other quilts made with this pattern. When converting this quilt from twin size to queen size, the extra row does indeed cause the corners to change to the same color.

It is a minor issue - I just have to change two dark blocks into corners, and two light corners into setting triangles. Then progress can resume as normal.

Kate is having a giveaway of blocks on her blog. You just have to pay the postage.


SueR said...

If you got all those blocks done during your quilting weekend, then you got lots done! I like Judy Martin's patterns alot. Your blues look great. A friend of mine made this pattern in batiks, and it was very pretty too.

Joyce said...

Its' gorgeous. I have looked at that pattern often but haven't gotten up the courage to start it yet.