Friday, December 5, 2008


I've been thinking about how certain quilters make so much more progress than I do. I decided to be inspired by them, and rename my sewing room to Sweatshop, copying from Kim. I think that with sweatshop rules, shorter meal breaks, fewer breaks in general, that maybe more progress will be made.

Unfortunately the boss was away, so I was able to take a long leisurely meal break, and sneak off to do some housecleaning, but I did manage to finish all of the setting triangles for the SITP. The SITP blocks have enjoyed their position as the only project in the sewing room, and have been slowly taking over the room to mark their territory.

Today, they will take up even more space as I try to lay out the blocks on my tiny floor and to sew them together. Of course once the top is pieced, I will be able to fold it and it will take much less room.


laura west kong said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I call my studio a sweatshop too. I don't know if it actually helps me get more work finished or not, but at least it really does look like a sweatshop.

Those are great star blocks! (^_^)

Donna said...

I have problems with those long meal breaks and frequent coffee breaks too when I ahve too much time to sew. When I'm feeling cramped for time its amazing how well I can focus! :-)

Ali Honey said...

Studio surely...sweatshop never.