Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I decided to wear my sparkly sweater today. Most people would reserve sparkly for parties and celebrations, but I just felt like wearing it today.

Then the first two blogs I read say I have plenty of reason to celebrate.

Tanya tells us that it is Girl's Day. Michele tells us that it is Women's History Month.

I checked my calendar I got from the Oriental Trading Company. Here are some other things you can celebrate:
National Craft Month
National Nutrition Month
National Women's History Month - yep Michele wasn't lying.
Red Cross Month
Umbrella Month
Hoops Month

And just for today, we get to celebrate National Anthem Day.

So Happy National Anthem Day! Shall we have a sing along?

P. S. Friday is Dentist's Day, in case you needed to plan ahead.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Nope, I sure wasn't, Miss Glitz, Glamour and Glitter...so where's the historical photo of you crafting, eating something healthy, giving blood, using a hoop? shooting some hoops? hula-ing those hoops while holding an umbrella, all while historically reciting the Woman's Emancipation Proclamation (did we have one?) ??

Carole said...

Good for you! You know, when I read your entry a quote from Marianne Williamson came up - "Show up" She talks about how we always wait for the perfect occasion or person to show up. Glad you decided to show up! ;o)Cheers!