Tuesday, June 30, 2009

African Crazy

My orange crazy has been transformed to an African crazy. I have decided on the motifs, and have made plans. I haven't sewn all the blocks, but I have already started on the embellishments. So far my African prince has things that are supposed to look like an African sun, spears, wheat sheaves, and decorative designs. Plans are on the way for huts, a lion, giraffe, elephant, maybe a zebra. Also water and pots, maybe a princess and children, an outline of the continent and a crane. Yes I know there are big buildings in Africa, but somehow they don't say "Africa" when you see them.

This picture is for Paula. These are the embellishments I bought at the convention. How much of my purchase have I used on my quilt? Well, none of it.

Yet. I've been using floss that I've owned more than 10 years. Maybe using it will spur me to finish the cross stitch bird afghan before I run out of all 100 colors.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Fabulous fabrics,designs and concepts. I've never been to Africa much less lived there, but I'm currently working with a zebra and some wild African horses and such...what fun! Great minds sooner or later think alike and meet on the African plains ;)Mine are teensy, tiny and darker in tone, yours are bursting with some wonderful energies! What fun!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a great plan you have here, the colors and embellishments are tempting!