Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NQA Show - Community Pride

Remember the number of pictures I told you I took at the NQA show? Well, those were just the first day's pictures. I took more the following two days. Only about 68 or so. I think in total I have enough pictures to last me a couple of years of blog posts. Don't worry, I won't show them all to you, but I thought I would share a few of my favorites. This one took pictures of old buildings and structures to make this quilt. There is embroidery as well with the plants.

This shows Ohio as the birthplace of presidents. There is a lot of information crammed into this little quilt, besides the names of presidents, there are names of companies that started in Ohio, buckeyes, cardinals which is the state bird, the state flower, football references, the state flag, etc.

Based on a Piecemakers calendar, this is anoother quilt with lots of things crammed into a little space without looking too crowded. Different seasons too.

This one is made by a guild. I normally don't like house blocks, they seem too boring to me, but with the tree and the little quilts, I think that this one was quite successful.
Each block had a little quilt to go with it - some were whole cloth, some were pieced. Each is beautiful.


Teodo said...

Wonderful photos.....I like very much the trangles quilt
in the previous post.
ciao ciao

Allison said...

Those little houses are darling with the trees! Looks like a lot of work! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a link! -Allison