Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back to School

They are advertising back to school stuff already. I feel like my summer has just started. No problem, it is time to get some free (and almost free) supplies. My daughter was already thinking she was going to have to go to graduate school to use up the supplies we already have. I guess she is going to have to be a lifelong learner!

The paper clips weren't free, or even cheap (for paperclips) but aren't they incredible? I had paper clip envy when I first spotted them at regular price, and now can see possibilities - scrapbook, embellishments, bookmarks, something to hold the binding down for handsewing, etc. Who knows, I might even use one or two as paperclips!


Beena said...

My son had to put in an extended school year this year, that ends next week. Then, the regular school year starts August 24th or something like that. So much for summer, huh?

Every year the schools here post a list of supplies. And every year, if you buy them, you are always sorry because the individual teachers have their own lists. So we just wait.

Allie said...

Ah - back to school supplies, love them all year! We homeschool year round so we always have supplies. Love those paperclips!