Friday, July 31, 2009

Dead Like Me

I am sorry I left my post about my hurt back for so long. I feel much better. I am actually getting things accomplished on my list.

When I was hurt, I did a little bit of cleaning upstairs. I cleaned out some things from my bedroom - an old printer to give to charity, and a nice thick cardboard roll I decided to recycle because I didn't really have a use for it. I swept the bathroom floor. I normally continue to sweep down the stairs, so that the broom is back downstairs where it belongs, but since my back hurt, I decided to leave it upstairs, and sweep down the stairs later.

So yesterday, I spilled some coffee grounds by the trash can. The broom was upstairs, and I figured I would get it later, because I am feeling better, and I might as well sweep the stairs instead of just bringing the broom downstairs to sweep up the coffee grounds. I had my breakfast, and since I was downstairs, I was making trash, mostly cleaning out the refrigerator. I filled up a trash bag, closed it up and left it by the trash can, so I could work on a second bag. I figured it would be more efficient to take both trash bags out at the same time and then mop the kitchen floor.

To tell you the rest of the story, I have to give you some background here.

My daughter has introduced me to where you can watch tv shows and movies online for free. One of the shows she got me hooked on is Dead Like Me, about a girl who dies, and transports souls to the other world. It is a comedy. There is a lot of cursing in the show, especially the f word, frequently, like every other sentence. I think all of the "undead" curse.

You might not want to drink anything for the rest of the story. If you imagine it right, it will be funny. Yesterday, I was about to stop to have some lunch. My vegan daughter who doesn't eat vegetables had already eaten, but she left her plate in the family room. I picked up the plate and took it to the kitchen to throw out the green peppers she had picked out of the food. My left foot slips forward, and gets lodged into the trash bag that is on the floor. This keeps me from being able to stop my fall, I fall forward and my right arm falls into the half filled trash can. I think I was trying to pull it out while gravity was putting it in, because I scraped my elbow. Then after I am down, the empty cardboard roll falls on top of me.

Just for the record, I didn't utter any curse words. I did scream while I was falling, but my first words were, "Don't worry about me honey, I am okay." I am so glad there wasn't a film crew around because I am sure that would have been a worthy death for the show. Except that I'm not dead.

The daughter thinks it is my karma for not cleaning up my coffee grounds. I told her it was my karma for not making her pick up her own plate.


Allie said...

Oh you poor thing!!!!!!! I hope you didn't hurt yourself - I imagine you're sore today. I agree with you, I think it's because your daughter didn't pick up her own plate!

Paula, the quilter said...

I always liked "Pushing Daisies". Check it out at You didn't re-injure your back did you?

Tina said...

Oh I'm so sorry that you fell...but what a funny post! It's definitely all your daughter's fault! :D

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You make it a funny story but you could have gotten hurt. So, NEW RULE: Everybody picks up their own plates plus they sweep up any coffee grounds Mom spills.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Hope you're OK, this did make me laugh though; hard! :)

Tanya said...

My back is just letting me sit at the computer chair for lengths of times so I didn't read about your pinched nerve until now. I feel for you because I'm in the same boat!!! Ouch! I'm hoping the hot bath will help... And maybe a pillow under my knees. Any suggestions? I will watch out for trash bags.