Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pandora's Box

There are two Pandora boxes in my house. The first one houses my cash. When the box is opened, even a tiny crack, to purchase some necessary item, the rest of the money springs forth and gets spent. What's a couple of dollars here and there to buy some embellishments and a blouse or two. It is closed now, but I foresee a couple of times when I will have to open it, and I am dreading unlocking it.

The other one is not a physical one, but it has to do with quilting. It is a new project box. The box has been closed most of the year, although I have been caught looking at it longingly with key in hand several times. I didn't have any time to do much quilting, and it seemed to make sense to try to work on UFOs and WIPs instead of starting new quilts which have little chance of being finished.

Then I went to a male blogger's site who is participating in a coins quilt project. I can make a small coins quilt, right? I went to the flicker site, and was immediately overwhelmed. Should I make a stacked coins or should I alternate? Squares or rectangles? Single color or scrap? What color or theme? Cornerstones or simple sashing? Plain or pieced border? Oh my goodness, I want to make one of each of them!

I did cut up some pink scraps for my rail fence leaders and enders and thought I could use some of them for a coins quilt. It really isn't starting a new project if I'm continuing with another project, is it? Even if I am not alternating it with a work in progress? The important thing is that I plan on finishing it, right? And I plan to work on a UFO after, right?

I think Pandora should have picked a better guardian to safeguard her boxes.

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Donna said...

you've done a great job of avoiding opening the "new project" box for a long time... I wonder if the trick with every pandora's box though isn't to stick it on a shelf and leave it tightly locked up, but rather to build in safegaurds when you open the box so it can in fact be closed again? For me and many of my "boxes" this is about accountability to others -- 'cause shear will power on my part is no where near strong enough!