Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Go For the Gold

The Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Games are back. While the athletes are competing in Vancouver, we can also compete in our own games. The goal is to get some real genealogy work done. These games are a lot of fun, brings the GeneaBlogger community closer, and makes all of us a bit more efficient for the month of February.

I will be competing in all of the competition categories:
  • Go Back and Cite Your Sources
  • Back Up Your Data
  • Organize Your Research
  • Expand Your Knowledge
  • Write, Write, Write
  • Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness
Many of the geneabloggers are making a flag to show their heritage. I think I am going to skip that part, so I have more time to do the actual competing.

2010 Quilting Games

I thought it would be fun to also create the 2010 Quilting Games. Let's see, think of some categories:
  • Go back and Label a Quilt
  • Work on a UFO
  • Organize your Sewing Space
  • Expand your Knowledge
  • Try a New Technique
  • Reach Out and Perform An Act of Quilty Kindness - comment on a blog or mail a postcard
You win if you say you did. Won't you join me? If enough people are interested, I'll make up some medals.


Allie said...

This sounds fun - I'm in!

Shari said...

Very funny idea! Don't forget seam ripping (it must be similar to curling, surely? - lots of threads to sweep up!)

Our coverage of the games is really bad on the free-to-air stations... oh well - The 2010 Quilting Games is available anywhere!

Hugs - Shari

Is that snow sticking around?

Sunshine said...

Awesome idea - is it too late to join? When are your games 'over'?

Let me know if the games are still active and I'll post about it on my blog.