Monday, July 19, 2010


What else am I supposed to do with fireworks pictures?

My daughter returned to the States on Sunday. On her blog, she said she was looking forward to coming home so she can sleep in. So she did, and she was jet lagged. It was a quick welcome, because on Thursday we picked up our Japanese guest. She said she was shy in her introduction letter, which made me nervous, but she isn't overly shy, and is a pleasure to have around. She is an artist, so I am having fun showing her all the hand made stuff around the house. She speaks English very well, because she prepares what she wants to tell us first with her electronic translator, and then she tells us.

We followed the same routine on Thursday evening that we have done with all of our Japanese guests - after picking her up from the airport, we take her out to eat and then grocery shopping. She is really surprised at our sliding doors - in Japan, you have stand and wait for them to open, probably a way to conserve energy. We went to Panda Express this time. Friday, she went to school, and we stayed home so she could unpack and relax. We played card games. The girls played speed, and then I joined them in a game she suggested, Memory.

On Saturday, we went shopping. And saw Standing Ovation.  She sings in the chorus at school.  It was a bad movie, but there were lots of songs, so she could stay entertained even if she couldn't understand the plot.   On Sunday, we had our summer birthdays celebration / family gathering, and I needed to buy gifts. It was wonderful. She may have gotten bored when everyone was chatting away, but she and my nieces were drawing with my new coloring pencils, and she is really good. I think she enjoyed that.  We had a thunderstorm which added to the excitement.

Today it's back to school and back to work.


Allie said...

How lovely to welcome a guest from another land, good for you! I'd love to do this myself.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I know she's settling in just fine, you are so good at welcoming guests. To answer your title question... I don't know!