Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fabric Purchase - lots of pictures

I had a personal shopper go abroad with my money to buy fabric.  It was an expensive shopping trip for me, since I paid her 100% of the purchase price for her time and effort.  I'm hoping the extra will come back to me when I am old and needy. The light blue fabric is a gift from Tanya.  Thanks Tanya!   See that dark cloud fabric beside it on the top?  This is what it looks like.

She kept handing me bag after bag of fabric. Everything was wrapped so nicely. I hated to mess up the wrapping, but I wanted to fondle the fabric. There are so many wonderful designs and textures.

I asked for some blue and brown fabric - things that would go together on a quilt. Nice.

My favorite is this gradation of fabrics and the magazine.  Swoon!  That magazine has a lot of beautiful projects and patterns in it.  She probably bought it because of this picture.

I know how they can fit so many patterns in one magazine. They conserve pattern space by using the same space for more than one pattern! and to think I am offended when they print patterns on both sides of the paper!

There are so many beautiful, diverse fabrics. I will probably be making other things, like bags and table cloths out of some of them. If you can think of a good quilt pattern to use for these fabrics, please let me know.


Barb said...

your fabrics are great! how nice for you. the pattern? ridiculous to print it that way. I recently bought one that was all professional on the outside and hand written inside - rip off. oh beware I guess.

antique quilter said...

fabrics look great, wow what a treat to get all this packages of fabric!

the pattern is hard to read when they print on both sides...good luck!

can't wait to see what you make with these abrics.

Allie said...

Oh my goodness. What a thrill to get all that!!! GORGEOUS fabrics! I really hate that pattern sheet, though, I do not like it when they do that!

Libby Fife said...

What a wonderful haul! Should keep you busy for quite awhile. Some of the prints are pretty large but of course I am thinking about a fan pattern:):)

Tanya said...

Hi Shasta. I'm glad you got some great fabrics. I asked if your shopper had gotten to any other fabric stores on her trip. It was interesting to see what she picked out! Isn't that pattern page in the magazine a riot! I've spent a good half hour trying to find a pattern on some page but I just can't spot it not matter how many times my eyes go over the page. Hope you have a good time making something nice!