Saturday, September 4, 2010


As I have been catching up on blog reading, I have found that I have been really drawn to scrap quilts lately.  Edited to add a link for an example of a gorgeous scrap quilt.  Lots of teeny-tiny pieces, both pieced and appliqued.  I can't start a new one, because I have been working on a Leaders and Enders for a while now, and I want to show some finishes this year.  I decided to count the blocks I have already made, to see how far I have gotten, and estimate how much time I will have before I can start one with even tinier pieces.  I want a big quilt, because the pieces will look smaller proportionately in a bigger quilt, like a generous lap quilt, because the days are getting cooler, and I am looking forward to having a new tv watching quilt.  My mother bought my purple princess quilt from me this summer.

It turns out I am only at the halfway point.  I cut some more fabric (I think I need more multi-colored, larger scale, more interesting, fabric) and sewed a few more strips together to speed the process along.  It's times like these when I wish I had more than one working sewing machine and space to put them.  I have quilts that need quilted and on their way to their recipient.  Three Quilts for Kids quilts.

Yesterday I quilted some more on the first of the three.  I seem to be doing one bobbin's worth a day. It looks like it is going to take four per quilt.   Hopefully I can get two today so I can finish it. Maybe I will do straight line quilting on the next one.  It isn't as much fun, but I think I can manage to get it done faster. Or else make bigger squiggles.

I also did one thread's worth of hand quilting while watching Who Do You Think You Are?  It was a rerun but I am hoping to give some good karma to the show. I did find out that Ancestry is offering free access this Labor Day weekend, but it is only for the immigration records.

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Allie said...

Your blocks look wonderful - I love scrappy quilts! I'm not very disciplined about making one though.
Every little bit you do gets you closer to your goal. I think it can get frustrating with quilting, because we want such quick results and that's hard to do...making things takes time. I wish I could be disciplined enough to only make one thing at a time, start to finish, but I guess I'm too old to change, lol.