Friday, November 12, 2010

Memory Lane

I received a offer for a free calendar with free shipping.  It was one where you use your pictures for the calendar. I figured that they would try to sell me more stuff, but I like to try out the company before trusting them wholeheartedly with my money.

I only had two days to choose my pictures.  I knew that it would take me more than two days to choose family pictures.  I would have to choose a proper theme, or arrangement, or pictures, etc.

I decided to use pictures of my quilts.  It was very late on the second day by that time, so I had very little time to choose.  I grabbed some photos of some finished quilts, but also added some work in process ones.  Since it is the process of quilting that is more enjoyable to me, those quilts in their unfinished stages (alas they are still unfinished) were really attractive to me. With the rug and the couch and the wall in the picture, this isn't a "pretty" picture, and wouldn't get published in anyone else's calendar, but it really shows the reality of how quilting happens around here.

I chose the thirteen pictures and added them randomly.  And pressed the continue button.  It turns out that they were charging for shipping.  It was just $5 which is pretty good for a personalized calendar, but on principle, since they said no shipping, I wasn't buying it.

You had to buy two calendars at $15 each to get the free shipping.  Ten bucks a calendar for three calendars is a pretty good deal for personalized holiday gifts, but if I had known I had to buy three, I would have taken the time to choose family pictures.  They do try to sell you other things, oh so tempting things with your picture on them, but I was strong and resisted.

I sent an email to the company to see if they could fix the free shipping problem.

But in the meantime, I did enjoy getting to see my quilts again.  In a way, I do feel guilty for the unfinished quilts, but I really enjoyed seeing their pictures alongside all the finished ones.  It is all a part of the journey.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Wow, that was interesting! Heck, I enjoyed just reading about your 'free calendar' journey, itself!

I have made my own calendars with my own photos just using a word processing or card making program that came with a calendar format as an option.

Lots of fun but make sure it says the right year so the days of the week end up starting correctly and double check on leap years ;)

Can you tell I 'might' have goofed on my first set???

This was years ago...hmmm, wonder why I didn't do that again..haha.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The process is the journey, I understand and embrace that. I, too, dislike being led to believe one thing and then having the rug pulled out!

Allie said...

I do not like strings attached - free for shipping I can understand, but it needs to say so up front! That's an awfully pretty quilt in that picture - one of these days I need to look at all my quilts, just to see how many I've made. I have NO CLUE!