Saturday, November 13, 2010

2 Days Only – Get 1 Free Photo Wall Calendar, plus Free Shipping!

As I have been a bargain shopper for decades, I have gotten accustomed to reading the fine print. If they had told me that there was a charge for shipping, I may have gotten it anyway. That seems fair. (In fact, the last free thing I got was a personalized book from another company. I paid the shipping. They told me up front that there would be shipping charges. I decided that when I buy another book from them, I should order better covers.)

That's why, when I got the offer for a free calendar, I decided to test it first, by limiting myself to the free calendar, and then tweak future decisions if I wanted to buy more. The fact that the shipping was free (capital letters, exclamation point) made it more enticing. This was truly supposed to be a no obligation offer.  I was sure they would try to sell me other stuff, (like extra copies) but I could get that stuff later.

VistaPrint clearly made an error in their advertising. They put the wrong clause in their offer.
The 3-for-1 Photo Calendar offer applies only when ordering three of the same calendar.
Instead of owning up to that fact, they are going to blame me for being too dense to understand their offer. I don't appreciate the insinuation.  So I ask you, dear readers, do you see anywhere in the offer that says that shipping is free only when you order more than $30? To me the big print (complete with capital letters and exclamation mark) overrides the fine print, which clearly says "unless otherwise specified."

To me, this is false advertising, plain and simple.  I do not like being lied to, and will not be doing business with this company.  There were some form emails I also received, but I'll skip them because, while they add to the frustration, they don't get to the heart of the matter. Here's their response and the ad:

RE: 2 Days Only – Get 1 Free Photo Wall Calendar, plus Free Shipping!
...(vista print)

To:XX (me)

Dear XX XX, (me)
Thank you for sharing your concern with me.
A review of the below promotional offer confirms that the offer is reflecting correctly on the website. The offer extended is for free shipping on orders valuing $30 or more.
The Subject of the email is intended to provide a general overview of the offers being included in the promotion, and is in no way meant to describe the details of the offer. The body of the email further details that the customer should see the website for details as ‘additional charges may apply for shipping and processing’
We extend our apology if the conditions were not immediately clear to you.
Kind Regards,
Care Supervisor
T: 1.800.721.6214 x5275

Vistaprint Make an impression.

Business Cards are FREE at!
From:XX (me)
Sent: Nov.
To: XX (vista print)
Subject: Fw: 2 Days Only – Get 1 Free Photo Wall Calendar, plus Free Shipping!
Vistaprint Inquiry Response REF#[XX

I am trying to place my order through an email from Martha Stewart which states that the calendar is free and the shipping is free. The email does not state a minimum of a $30 order. The site is trying to charge me for shipping. I would like to try out your service without charge as advertised.

I was asked to forward the original message to you.  As you can see, there is nothing in this message about a minimum order for shipping. There is a weird message about a 3-for-1 photo calendar, but that isn't part of the offer.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Martha Stewart Special Partners
To: XX
Sent: November XX
Subject: 2 Days Only – Get 1 Free Photo Wall Calendar, plus Free Shipping!

If you cannot see this email, please click here.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia would like to thank you for your continued loyalty and bring you this offer from one of our advertising partners.

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The 3-for-1 Photo Calendar offer applies only when ordering three of the same calendar.


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1 comment:

Allie said...

Well I HOPE they learn a lesson from this - I've ordered business cards from them, and the offer clearly stated I'd have to pay for shipping. This isn't clear at all!