Friday, December 9, 2011

Finally Weaving!

I have been going to a weaving class for many weeks now, and diligently measuring threads, and putting them on the loom.  Once you put the threads on the heddles, you have to put them through the thing that looks like a comb.  I made several mistakes at the end that required some rework, and some more rework.  Yesterday - do you hear the music? - I was able to finish the last of the corrections and actually start to weave!  It is such a relief to actually get to the part that I thought weaving was all about!

Of course, this means I had better get to cutting those denim strips so I don't run out and can actually weave when I go class.

Another big accomplishment for me this week is that I received the Hub of the Day accolade on HubPages for my How to Make a Quilt Label.  I don't think it was my best work, but I will take any accolade I am given.

And the biggest news is that I have finished the 100 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge I was doing over at HubPages.  I am not going to be doing anything like that anytime soon.  For now, I am going to go back and edit some hubs to incorporate the new things I have done, and see what I can do about making each hub the best it can be.

I also now have time to have a life, which means I can get back to reading blogs and hubs and commenting.  So sorry I haven't had the time to come visit you as often as I would like.  I have missed all of you.

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