Saturday, December 24, 2011

Still Weaving

I am so excited that  I am finally weaving with denim!  It is a great feeling to finally be working on the denim part of the denim rug.  In quilting, you think you are done when you have made a top, but there is a lot of work still left to do to finish up a quilt.  In weaving, there is a lot more front end work, so that when you actually get to weaving, there isn't much left to do except finish off the ends.

Those raw edges sticking out are  where the strip ended, and I turned it to make a continuous strip. I think it adds character.


Bridget said...

I am dropping by to say Hi! I just inherited a treadle loom. After the holidays we will be setting it up at our local weaving center, Tapetes de Lana in Mora, NM. I am a newbie, so I appreciate reading your blog to get some insight on what I am in for!


Michele Bilyeu said...

Absolutely amazing! I think it will be so awesome!!!!!!!!!