Saturday, July 25, 2015


Bison at Darby Creek, Columbus, Ohio

My crazy days of working 55+ hours a week are over now. I've neglected my blog during this time period, but many other things also were neglected. Things like quilting, for sure, but also house cleaning and errands were made to wait until the crazy time was over. That is one of the challenges of working on projects. When you know the end date, you wind up throwing as much to after that date as possible. "I'm not even going to think about it until after this project is over."

Even dealing with the empty nest syndrome was pushed back to after work was over. I did get a chance to see this lovely scene at a park with my family, but my daughter wasn't there to see it. They said that the bison rarely come so close to the fence but that day they did and they posed for us for many beautiful pictures.

Fountain at Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada
My sister wanted to go to Canada to see an Islamic museum, and I told her to wait until after work was over. She did. Work was supposed to be over on a Tuesday, and she planned the trip for Wednesday! There were some events she wanted to attend that required us to go right away.  I packed on Wednesday morning, and at 9 a.m, we headed off for a long car trip. All those geometric designs in the museum are very inspiring. After we came back, I rested. Now I have been slowly incorporating all those things that were pushed back. Laundry! Cooking! Cleaning! Errands! Gardening!

Quilting is next. As always happens when quilting is pushed back, when that Pandora's box opens, everything comes spilling out. I want to make that triangle quilt I mentioned last time. I want to make a hexagon quilt. Have you seen the Millefiore quilt? And that brings to mind other EPP quilts. And then what about all the quilt ideas I got from the museum? I still need to work on cleaning up the sewing space and finishing up some WIPs before I let any ideas about starting any new projects get too big.

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