Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mad Dash

This is the last weekend before Christmas, so it means there is a lot of catching up to do.  June and I have been sending emails to each other to motivate us to clear some out of the way spaces, and it really has been helping. I have to make progress so that I can tell her what progress I have made.

Besides the holiday decorating and shopping, which got delayed because of my trip, there are quilts to make!  I started writing my end of the year recap post, and I got smart - instead of just showing the quilts I finished this year, I could also show the quilts I worked on.  The post looks much better now.

But just like my genealogy, it seems like I should be able to sneak a little more work in before presenting it. Hopefully this weekend, I will find some time to get a little more done on some projects, so there is more progress to show for the end of the year post.

Until then, you can enjoy a couple more circles.

Here's the progress shot. At some point, I am going to stop putting them all out for a group shot and just use more than one picture to see the progress. I do like seeing them together. I think they would look good with sashing, although that would make the quilt even bigger.

 This one was obviously inspired by my souvenir hats which both have the Texas star on them.

I decided to do a quick and simple circle, and as I was working on cleaning the sewing room, I found the dragonfly scrap that is perfect for a simple circle.  Our weather has been pretty warm so far, so it seemed appropriate even for December.

Then we got a cold snap, so the yesterday's circle shows the rapid change from summer to winter.

I guess I should go do the mad dash instead of just talking about.  Have a great weekend!


Lisa J. said...

You have a good weekend as well. Love all your circles.

June D said...

Great circles! How lucky to have that nice dragon fly to put on circle. It's great to see all the circles together. I didn't get more cleared away but I did get a first version of pajama bag for my new DIL. I didn't center her name enough so going to add something before the name - thinking about how to do that now. Maybe next week we can really get going on going thru things! Best wishes! June

Kaja said...

I am really enjoying following your circles. I like the variety a lot and the mix of hand stitching and machining. I like seeing them all together too.