Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Missing Circles

Hello all,

I hope you are having a good week. I am sure you are all here to see my progress on my daily circles.

I had the idea to use this circle almost as soon as I decided to take on the Quilty 365 circle project. I have several embroidery patterns that are circles, and I thought it would be nice to combine these into one project.

This one was started a while ago, maybe a year or so, but I did finish it this week.  It is slightly bigger than the other squares I have, so I will have to make some adjustments on the other blocks to make this one fit.The fabric is not stained - that is part of the design.

This is a free Red Brolly design - all mistakes are my own. I am calling this Saturday's circle.  I worked on it on Saturday, but did not get it finished until Wednesday.

This is Sunday's circle since I flew to San Antonio for my work.

We went to an Indian restaurant on Tuesday. This is therefore Tuesday's circle. My food came in a bowl where one side of the bowl was higher than the other side. The X in the center is for the biryani I had, and also for multiplication for the math work I was doing. I cut this square a little bigger than usual to take into account any shrinkage during the embroidery process.

I took floss and fabric on my trip so I could make a variety of designs, but I didn't have much time or energy to make a circle every day. It looks like my stitches are too tight in this photo, but it pressed out just fine.

This is Saturday's circle.  A snowball block is one I have been thinking of using for a while since it is fairly easy.  I need to reattach the triangles closer to the edge, but I will fix it later.  It hasn't snowed, but I found myself wearing purple - my shirt, my jacket, and my luggage were all purple.  And the fabric is somewhat chaotic, just like our way back home.

For background information, I am participating in the Quilty 365 Circles. See the link on the sidebar. I started this project on November 16, 2015.   My plan is to think of a circle idea each day.  I can make that circle that day or later (usually the following day). If I miss a circle, that is completely all right.  I can either make more than one circle on days I have more than one idea, or I can just skip a day. I am not keeping track of the number of circles I make as compared to the number of days that have elapsed. It helps that I started on a random calendar day.

As you can see on this post, I've missed quite a number of days.  I did get some other ideas to use during the week, so maybe later this week, I will be able to make up at least some of the days.


June D said...

What fun to see your progress - it's like a diary of your days! : )

Kaja said...

I love your 'my soul is fed...' circle. I also like how they are related to what you've been up to. This quilt will end by being a great record of a year.

Glenda said...

Hi Shasta, your circles look so cute, you are spending a great deal more time on thinking up a new circle for each day and the end result is going to be very interesting quilt. Mine is pretty straight forward just using the antique fabrics from Japan. I just have to take a piece of fabric and make it in to a circle but I'm sure enjoying doing so at the moment as I don't have to think to much. Making Xmas mincemeat to day for the pies and hoping to make a xmas cake!!!! Love the dragon-fly, lovely soft green too. Cheers Glenda

Tanya said...

Yes, your embroidery circle is so lovely, but all of them have such personality! Generations are going to love looking through all your handwork.