Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rain Collage

Kaja has been making collages and I decided to copy her.  This one is from my walk today.  This is fun!

Remember this rail fence leftovers quilt?  I figured I could quilt this small piece and be able to show it as a finish for this year.  See all those beautiful colors? Wouldn't that look lovely hand quilted with lots of different colors of perle cotton thread? Mmmmm.

I thought so too, but  Jenn said I had to  "pull of the band aid and get to FMQing on your new machine." It is a small quilt so it will be easy to maneuver and since it is just a leftovers quilt, there is no big waste if it turns out to be a flop.  One of the problems is that when I went to the store where I bought the machine, they did not have a darning or free motion foot to sell me.  She said I didn't need one.  I was going to try the one I use on my old machine, but I have temporarily misplaced it.

See that polyester batting in the picture? Yuck! Phooey! I thought I had banned polyester batting from my house for ever and ever earlier this year when I cleaned my studio.  I bought it back in the day when I believed my family when they told me quilts were supposed to be fluffy and warm. What do they know about quilts? Nothing. They only know what I have told them.  It has taken me forever to use up this batting. 

This little piece was taken off a UFO that was a UFO only because of that big ugly fluffy batting.  But it was just the right size for this piece, and my options were to throw it out or to use it. It was not going back to my sewing room.

Yes, I pulled the Bandaid off and free motioned this baby. It is scary to free motion quilt without a foot because there is no protection to keep my fingers safe, but I managed to make stitches that looked like stitches. (That was my criteria; I wasn't trying for smooth, consistent stitches. Just making stitches was enough!) There was no thread throw up on the front or the back of the quilt, although I did manage to find a couple of stowaways! It's been a while since I have free motion quilted, and I forgot to clear off the table before I started.

I did manage to get the big piece off the quilt, but that little piece is staying. It is a label. Even if it is upside down and crooked.

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Lisa J. said...

Good for you for free motion quilting with your new machine. I love the picture of the stowaways!