Sunday, October 28, 2018

We Now Resume Regular Programming

I didn't take this picture, but on the way to the library with my sister, I stopped in front of this stack of cars and told her I wouldn't take her any further until she took a picture for me. I thought about using the analogy of crushing my squirrels*, but something doesn't sound quite right with that analogy so let's just drop it, shall we?

We'll just say the stack of cars is here to lure readers in and distract them from the dark and fuzzy pictures on the rest of the post.

Now that my three little quilts are out of the way, and all the doors and windows have been locked tight to keep any other wayward squirrels* out, I have returned to the projects that are spread out all over my living room.

I decided to start first with the quilt that is closest to completion. The end of the year is fast approaching and I have to make a good showing for the end of the year post.  The Droid quilt is already a top. It just needed to be quilted, but things came crashing to a halt because the back needed to be pieced.  The backing fabric was a quarter of an inch shorter (width wise) than the top.

A reasonable person would think adding a strip to the side of a piece of fabric wouldn't be any big deal, especially for someone who has pieced the front of the quilt, but for some reason, this back added just enough hesitation to let all those squirrels* in the house.

This week, I pieced the back. I added more than a quarter inch because you need to have excess fabric when quilting to avoid crying later.  It was no big deal as you probably figured, and I thought of an idea to add a little flap for the label when piecing the two oranges together, which took the drudgery out of piecing the back. I won't have to worry about the label now!

I finished piecing the back and basted the sandwich on Friday, and I was really surprised at how excited I am now to quilt this.  You know how when you are getting ready to go on a big trip, or have a first day of school or work, you have a hard time going to sleep the night before?  That mixture of excitement and dread of things to come.  I felt that on Friday night.  I quilted the Death Star and parts of Rey on Saturday, but I had trouble sleeping Saturday night too, because I was just excited to quilt more!

You will have to trust me that the basting is done right and smooth and not as lumpy as these pictures show.

I am pretty much copying how Sam Hunter, the pattern designer, quilted the characters - why reinvent the wheel? - but my lines are a lot more organic.

15 Minutes to Stitch

The days are getting shorter, and colder and darker, and rainy so the outdoor chores have been set aside for the week.

My stitching week was all about the Droid quilt - mostly cutting long strips, and cutting away selvages, and sewing long strips, and pressing the back and top all over again.  I then basted the quilt and started the quilting.

My progress as of Sunday was:

15 Minute sessions of stitching this week:  7 out of 7
15 Minute sessions of stitching this year:  253 out of 301 sessions
Success rate: 84%

*squirrels are those projects that distract you from your current works in process, and are especially pesky if you actually drop your WIPs to start work on them.

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Meloney said...

I like what you've done so far. Can't wait to see the finished project.

Kaja said...

This is looking good. Isn't it funny how we feel a drive to complete things as the year end looms ahead?

Lisa J. said...

I can get slowed down by little things like quilting a back as well. I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished. I am intrigued by the little bit I can see.

Kyle said...

Good solutions! And it's looking good. Interesting pile of cars!

Kate said...

Congrats on finding the time to get this project moving again. The quilting is gorgeous. Hope you have this one all ready to bind soon.

Emily said...

I love the stitching on Rey's clothes! This is going to look fantastic! Can't wait to see the whole thing.

chrisknits said...

What a hoot! It actually is a neat photo. I pieced backs recently for 2 small tops and I learned I am not good at it. LOL!