Thursday, October 25, 2018

My Favorite October Pictures

It's not the end of the month yet, but Wandering Camera link up is up, and I have plenty of pictures to choose from, so I am going to post early.

I've started posting the stack of books I get from the library on my High Road Reader blog. It always makes me happy to go to the library, and I can expand the joy by commemorating the visit with a post. It will be a good way to list which books I may want to check out again.

I've made three small quilts this month. Here are two of them. This one makes me think of the Elephant Parade quilt since they are both facing the same way and there is an elephant.

The three small quilts temporarily interrupted my regular quilt-making, but it makes me happy to see this quilt when I walk by it. I need to add one more row before I can call the top finished.

I have to have a reminder that it is Halloween month.

We haven't had many trees change color this month, but some have already dropped their leaves.

Finally, my favorite picture of the month.

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kiwikid said...

Your mini quilts are beautiful and the barn photo stunning.

Kyle said...

Enjoyed your monthly photo recap. Your barn photo is spectacular and your Halloween guest could use some more candy.

Janie said...

Books from the library, lovely!
And your small quilts do bring a smile.
Thanks for reminding me about Halloween, must get candy.

Kate said...

Love the barn photo! Hard to believe it's almost Halloween.

O'Quilts said...

Nice post, nice barn you read too!!

Dixie @ Arranged Words said...

The wee quilts are so creative.
Beautiful red barn photo. The light is perfect.
Enjoy Hallowe’en!

Anne said...

I really love your mini quilts, they are adorable. I'm not sure about a skeleton in the bed, but it is nearly Halloween. I think it's a great idea posting about your library book stash. I really must get down to the library, but my bookshelves are already heaving.

Kim said...

I think my favourite photos is of the barn too. Love your little mini quilt. Love the happy colours.

Tanya said...

You should send your barn photo to some contest. You’ve captured the sky at a perfect time for the barn color!

Soma @ said...

Great idea of posting a photo of the books you get from the library. Makes me happy just looking at that photo. The mini quilts are lovely. The last photo is my favourite too. Beautiful colours.

Thank You for linking up on Wandering Camera.


Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Love your little quilts! Very creative.. and the pic of the barn.. gorgeous! xx

Nancy said...

Your shelf of books from the library looks like my shelf -- not the same titles, but the quantity. After I've been to the library I always feel so rich, getting to bring all those books home for free.
Love your barn photo. It is spectacular!