Monday, October 15, 2018

My Stitching Week

My stitching week included some minor dabbling on the Sweet Land of Liberty, Colonial Bricks and Quilty Circle 365, but it was waylaid by a llama and an elephant, or should I say a squirrel project.

15 Minutes to Stitch

My progress as of Sunday was:

15 Minute sessions of stitching this week:  7 out of 7
15 Minute sessions of stitching this year:  240 out of 287 sessions
Success rate: 84%

If I didn't get waylaid by other projects so often, I would have bigger and more quilt finishes by this late in the year, but maybe it wouldn't be as much fun. It is hard to measure progress by the fun factor and easier to measure it by finishes and quilt progress, but looking at the quilts I made this week, let me tell you, I did have a lot of fun quilting this week.

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Frédérique said...

I love your squirrel projects ;) Beautiful stitching, these llama and elephant are very pretty!

June D said...

Amazing work! I went back in time to see what you have been working on. You really step in and attack these projects and make them wonderfully your own! Bravo! Did you take art classes?

Kate said...

Very fun projects! Congrats on finding time to stitch this week. Sometimes it's hard to remember we sew for the fun and we get caught up in the finishes. There has to be a balance. So just realized you were leveling the really need to do with the fun to do.

laughing gas quilts said...

Llaughed out lloud when I saw your llama's message. Grab the fun when you can. The sensible projects will get done eventually, but joy often finds us in moments with the ridiculous..

Allie said...

Hey fun is what it's all about - if it's not fun, I won't do it! That's what hobbies are for! I adore your finishes!

Lynette said...

And who can blame you when they're so adorable?!

Fiona said...

I love those little pictures.... a lot of work in each and I would love to sit and watch you build them up!!! TRying to make a bit of time each day is a good idea... slowly builds up


O'Quilts said...

wonderful....I see you listened:)

Kyle said...

Maybe the fun factor should be a better measure!

Kim said...

It does sound as if you have had oodles of fun this week. LOVE your elephant and Llama. I love all the exquisite little details. Slow stitching is really the most enjoyable pastime, isn't it.