Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 Calendar

I promised you yesterday that I would show you my 2019 calendar.  I did the same thing I did in years past to make the calendar - grab some random photos of my quilts and throw them in there and make some minor tweaks before calling it done.  Since it is just for me, it doesn't have to be perfect.

I think this picture was easily accessible because I used it in a previous calendar. Looking at the Trip Around the World quilt, the border isn't that wide, so I think I will be able to quilt this and call it done without needing to add any applique.

The template said 2018 so I had to take out the 8 and I couldn't find the right font for the 9, but I like it this way. I like this 9 better than the 9 they used in the rest of the calendar, so even if I had found the font, I wouldn't have used it.

Another unfinished quilt. See the 9? It looks like a g.

A finished quilt! It was made from swapped blocks.

This one is my favorite layout. I like how Rey and BB8 are ready for new adventures. I usually try to get the largest picture possible, but this one looks good even smaller.

I kept the wording in the template and they make me giggle paired with the quilts. I guess I do share some perfect moments with my quilts. I do appreciate my time with my quilts.

I like this layout a lot too, with the llama love.

This is my least favorite layout because of all that empty space. I should have put the LOVE graphic on the bottom. I can fix it by adding a real photograph or something else there,  so it isn't a big deal.

Another unfinished quilt, but I like how this page turned out.

This one is all right, but I should have centered the quilt. I like the welcome sign there but it really isn't clear what it is.

This one makes me giggle too. Family time shown under a bed.

This page had me scrambling for more pictures. I thought about changing the layout to one that didn't use as many, but then I figured I like to showcase more quilts. They don't match each other and are just thrown in there willy nilly, but I think it is all right.

This one is sweet. Probably would have been nicer on my daughter's birth month, but I do like the layout of the page.

This is the only one that had a season written on it. This one is okay too, I like how the graphic highlights this unfinished quilt.

365 Days of Appreciation

Today, I appreciate spices.  Yesterday, I made Lancashire hot-pot recipe. I didn't follow the recipe exactly but it turned out really nicely. It isn't a spicy dish, but I like how a change in spices can add so much variety to my meals.

I also appreciate all the people who make it possible for me to get food. The farmers, the distributors, the packagers, the transportation people, and all the people at the grocery store.

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well done, this calendar is a treasure. I may try to do something similar next year; thanks for inspiring me-- I appreciate YOU!

Fiona said...

I love the way you have done your calender...

Allie said...

You are such a smart cookie - that turned out SO well! I'm impressed!!!

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Shasta, what a wonderful idea!

Kate said...

A very cool calendar! You made good use of the graphics and the layout. We do a personal calendar every year with photos from the three of us. Fingers crossed ours show up tomorrow.

Kyle said...

Great calendar. I used my free one from Shutterfly with grandkid photos. Next year....quilts!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I do calendars like this each year and give them to the nephews/families, my sister, our boys, and a few close friends. For family members, I write in the birthdays and anniversaries before gifting. Thanks for sharing yours!

dq said...

Your own personal quilt calendar is a fabulous idea!