Sunday, January 20, 2019

15 Minutes to Stitch Weekly Recap


15 Minute to Stitch Challenge: 

Week Two

I missed posting last week, and since each week was different, I will post each week separately.  For the second week of the month, I worked on new projects. I needed to decide on my next scrap quilt so I could tame the scraps and my idea for the Butterfly Wreaths needed 5 inch squares, which is bigger than most of the scraps in the scrap box, so I also decided to work on a rail fence to use up the smaller scraps. This week was spent cutting and sewing a few pieces to make a few blocks to get started and to see if the plan seemed like it was worth pursuing.

15 Minute sessions of stitching this week:  7 out of 7
15 Minute sessions of stitching this year:  13 out of 13 sessions
Success Rate: 100%

Week 3

I didn't get much time to sew during the week, so I made it up on the weekend.  Yesterday, I got a scrap box and started cutting pieces for the scrap quilts. Just take the first fabric on top, and cut it to size for one of the scrap quilts. So far, I didn't get any 5 inch squares, so everything was cut for the rail fence, but maybe I'll find bigger scraps today.

I am going to use the same rule I used last year - that if I miss the 15 minutes of sewing one day, I can make it up during the week and still count it. It is snowing here, so I will be able to get even more sewing done today.

15 Minute sessions of stitching this week:  7 out of 7
15 Minute sessions of stitching this year:  20 out of 20 sessions
Success Rate: 100%


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Meloney said...

I think this is interesting to see how much I really sew. Of course, I never time myself, so I have no real idea of how much I'm sewing.

chrisknits said...

Yay for keeping the streak going!!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I think you have a good plan to do make-up later in the week. I would have a hard time stopping at 15 minutes with most projects so it could easily make up somewhere along the line. I bet you are happy that there is always some progress on at least one project this way.

Kate said...

Sounds like you made really good use of your stitching time. Thanks for linking up this week.

June D said...

Good progress! I used to keep track of my sewing with someone's blog... Maybe I will join in with you-all! : )

seabreezequilts said...

Great progress keep up the good work :).

Mcirishannie f/k/a quilt til you wilt said...

I applaud your consistency with the challenge. Keep up the good work!