Monday, February 25, 2019

Uncommon and Unexpected

When I had looked at the book Uncommon and Unexpected several years ago, I said to myself  "Self, you can make that" after looking at several of them.  I say that to myself a lot.  It is genetically programmed.  Then I said "self, how about you finish something first?"

Fast forward to this year, Sujata Shah offered a quilt challenge to make something from this book.  I said to myself "Self, you can make that, and look, there are even directions so you don't have to figure out which quilt to make or how to make it." Then I said "goodness, how many quilts do you want to start this year?"

Fast forward to this weekend, I made some space on my table so I could help my mother with her taxes.  When she left, I looked at that empty space on the table and realized it was the perfect opportunity to start this quilt. Otherwise, it would be a waste of perfectly good space.

I knew I wanted to use the red, white and blue colorway of the original quilt and that the fabric is already in one spot. It is in the Sweet Land of Liberty quilt box, but I'm sure it is willing to share. I decided to make a mini quilt for March.

Then I started cutting and making the blocks before I changed my mind.  The big squares are the "blocks" and the quarter square triangles are the cornerstones. I will have to trim the cornerstones, but am trying to decide whether to cut it to proper size or to add them in a more improv fashion.  I just have to do the scrappy sashing and I will be able to put it together.

Winner for Old Quilt Book Blog Hop

On Tuesday, when I posted my blog hop post, I offered a drawing for some old books I had.  Today, I announce that the winner is Anita from Domestic Felicity. I have contacted her and will be sending her package off this week.


Ann said...

Cute story. Now I know what to do with the space left once we finish our taxes.

Robin said...

What a good use of the extra space. Sounds like you are having fun.

Kate said...

You definitely deserve a reward after anything related to taxes! Looks like you've gotten a very good start.

Nines said...

I say this to myself, often, "What one man(woman) can do, another can do." That's how I started on the quilting journey. I saw a quilt in a magazine and it had lots of techniques that I had never tried. I did it! One bit at a time. Your project seems very reasonable to me. Completely rational to start a new project when you have an empty space and everything on hand.