Sunday, June 9, 2019

Fabric Acquisition Adventure

It has been the Year of Fabric Acquisition the past few months, starting at the end of last year.  There have been some real good sales and I opened a few too many of the emails coming into my inbox every day.

I bought a large amount of fabric from Connecting Threads, telling myself that the Year of Fabric Acquisition was over. I had quite enough fabric, thank you very much. But what was I supposed to do when I found out that there was going to be a big warehouse sale where things were up to 75% off? And especially since that the said warehouse was right here in my hometown?

I convinced my sister to come with me and got the free tickets online. We wanted to get an early start, but the tickets for people came before 8 was already sold out.  That's okay, we like sleeping in and decided to go at a more reasonable time.  We wound up getting there a few minutes before eleven and before we even got completely into the parking lot, the workers told us that there was a 2 hour wait. They would give us another ticket to guarantee our place in line and we could have lunch or whatever and come back in 2 hours.

We weren't expecting our adventure to include time away from the shopping!  We drove around to see what looked interesting. No, not the casino. We decided to go to the flea market!

Every vendor at the flea market only accepted cash and the ATM wasn't branded by any bank, and I decided not to take any chances. We enjoyed looking around and seeing what they had. Definitely worth coming back for, with cash! We did hobble together enough cash to buy a big bowl of fruit to share. She asked us if we wanted chamoy sauce on it. What? It is a pepper sauce. We said yes and it was quite delicious. It was a trip back memory lane since these tables are from the original Wendy's. It has vintage advertisements which are even more vintage since the tables are now vintage!

I also found some perle cotton thread at 25 cents a spool.

We headed back to the Connecting Threads sale, and since we had tickets and our group had already gone in, we were able to get ahead of all the people standing there.

The whole warehouse didn't have things on sale, but there was a big area in the front that had a lot of yarn, and quilting supplies, and a little bit of other art, which was my sister's lure.

We had Ikea bags which I filled up. They had charm packs and books for a dollar each.  They had other things, like kits, at 50% off. Yards of fabric were already cut and were $2.50 each. My nephew was the bag man.

Then it was time to get back in line to go to the cashier. That is where we got to see the actual warehouse region. Go down one row and admire all the boxes and rolls of fabric.

Then down another row and yet another. It was nice talking to the line mates, who drove in from Indiana for the sale.  After a while, I went back and got some more stuff while my sister and nephew waited for me. I am glad I went back because they I got more quilting books for a $1. There were plenty of people who were working there and they were all very helpful in finding things.

We finished our adventure at a Yemeni restaurant for some Chicken Shwarma.


Robin said...

What an treasure hunt!!! You'll have to take a picture of everything you bought.

Kyle said...

You can't pass up good stuff!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Good for you; once in a lifetime opportunity! Great prices and even better memories to share.

Emily said...

Wow, what an adventure!!!!! Sounds like you scored some great deals!!!

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Sounds like you had a great day. I do so love a bargain.

Nines said...

That turned out to be quite an expedition! How fun and quality time with the sis. Hope you got a lot of goodies- would love to see what you came away with.

Kaja said...

Now that sounds like a good day out. Sometimes an opportunity is just too good to pass by.