Sunday, June 16, 2019


It probably would be better to post these cards daily, but I haven't been so good at daily lately, and there is more pressure for each one if they aren't shown as a group.  This is part of the project to decorate one index card a day (ICAD), which is hosted by Daisy Yellow. I forgot to put the date on some of these.

Wanda told me my yellow flowers were called Cup of Gold Evening Primrose. I like the name, and when I looked it up, there were all these vintage drawings of them so I decided to make one for my flowers.

This was a zentangle but for some reason, I just did not like it. I was going to throw this card away, but when I turned it in this direction it looks somewhat interesting - a cross between a chicken and an elephant. Now I am glad I didn't fill in all the spaces.

If you compare this to the drawing I was trying to copy, this looks horrible, but since you can't see that, it looks okay.

Doodling on a survey.

Zentangle. I used a lid to make the circles and then filled the spaces in with markers.

This was a advertisement and I liked the huge word.

Here are the other ones I have done so far:

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Kate said...

What a fun way to get the creative juices going. My favorites are the first two.

Melissa hogan said...
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