Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Quilt Reveal: Eyes

When my calendar said it was time to post the Mini of the Month for May, my first thought was to delete the reminder. After all, making a mini a month is optional, and I can just skip it this month.  And I didn't have any ideas. But it didn't take too long to come up with ideas and requests for compromises.  What if I make something quick, something out of the material that was on the table without looking for anything new?  How hard would that be?

Then I remembered the Sacred Threads challenge to make a quilt with eyes. They had a specific size requirements that was a reasonable amount and they gave a reasonable amount of time to make them, but of course, I didn't manage to make the quilt in time.  Since I hadn't planned on actually submitting my quilt, the deadline was pretty arbitrary anyway. And with the Mini of the Month challenge, the size was pretty arbitrary also.

I had a strip of fabric cut for the yo-yo circles I decided to use for the background and a strip of something (Tmtex, Kraftex?) that could serve as a batting.  I chose the fabrics but didn't get around to actually making it until today.

 I decided to make the eyes simple, without any eyelashes, no hair for the face or ears either. I used the reverse button to make the eyebrows.

That triangle insisted on becoming the nose. The quilt looked better with it than without it.

The pieces were cut out and sewn on, pretty much like I make my 365 circles. No glue or pinning required.  If the pieces move, they were meant to move.

I folded over the backing to the front to make the binding.

It was a fun quick project.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I see your Cup of Gold Evening Primrose is blooming in the last photo. Some of mine have buds but no blooms yet.

Nancy said...

You're the second little "eyes" quilt I've seen this month. What a fun idea and yours looks great.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I love this! I came close to doing one, but ran out of time in May. Good for you!!

Emily said...

I love this! They eyebrows are my favorite part.

Kaja said...

This really made me grin this morning, as I clicked onto your blog and found those eyes peeping out at me.

Kate said...

So adorable! You definitely met the challenge requirements. Very fun!

Sum of their Stories said...

Sometimes the best projects are the quick last minute ones. This is very cute.