Friday, August 30, 2019

Quilt Reveal: Black and White Neighborhood Mini Quilt

Bev at Flamingo Toes shared a pattern for the cutest little Black and White Neighborhood Mini quilt, and I just had to make one for my mini quilt of the month. Due to deadlines and commitments, I did not add any embroidery to mine, or chimneys, but I did add the window detail and a couple of doorknobs.

As usual, I just grabbed a piece of scrap fabric and batting and the size of the mini quilt was determined by the size of the pieces. Unfortunately, the batting I picked up was a polyester that I was saving for trapunto because I really don't like using it as batting. The good news, is that I think this is the last piece of polyester batting I have so there is a good chance I won't be making that mistake again. It makes the background puffy which takes away a little bit from the houses.

Since the size of my quilt was not the size of the quilt in the pattern, I just eyeballed the pieces to use. Plus I wanted to keep it free spirited. So please don't blame Bev for any of my mistakes. Hopefully there are enough contextual clues that those green blobs are plants of some kind.

I really like the houses, and I found a beautiful black and white fabric that made a great roof.

It also worked well as a sidewalk. This reminds me of the solar lights some of my neighbors have going up their sidewalk. Maybe I should color them yellow.

The backing is leftover from the backing of the Fuschia Fairy quilt. The people in this neighborhood will not go hungry.

I decided to use this piece to learn how to face a quilt.  It took some seam ripping, because I watched the video yesterday and thought I had it and incorrectly put the triangles on top of the facing fabric.  When you turn it to the back, it is in the wrong order. Next time hopefully I will add the pieces in the right order instead of just repeating what I did this time.  The video says to hand stitch it in the back, but hinted that there was a way to stitch it by machine. So, I just stitched around the edges by machine. This seems like a pretty easy way to get out of hand stitching the binding, although I'm not sure I did it the way I was supposed to. I can always hand stitch it down if I get ambitious.

I will write my name, city and today's date on one of the corners and the quilt will be officially finished.  Easy binding, easy label. Win, win.

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Robin said...

What a cute little neighborhood. It looks and sounds like you had a lot of fun making this.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I thought the triangles on the back were the hanging corners for a dowel rod. I haven't done that method on the corners of a faced quilt but I watched the video too and probably will do it that way next time. Your little mini is cute.

tubakk said...

Oh my, that's a lovely little quilt.

Kyle said...

Looks like a fun day in the neighborhood. Great thread playing for some added details. When I've done a facing I've used fusible Stitch Witchery along the edge to fuse it to the back. Seems to have worked thus far.

Kate said...

Very cute and very fun. Love the black and white. Hope you have a great place to hang it.

Emily said...

Love these houses! I'm not usually a fan of black and white quilts but I love this one! It has such charm!

Susie H said...

Very sweet mini! The improv sewing on it looks like it was a lot of fun!

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Shasta, that's a really cute quilt.

em's scrapbag said...

Oh my goodness, your mini neighborhood is adorable! thanks for sharing with Moving it Forward!