Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Year in Review

This is a recap of my blog posts this year. There were plenty of good things to share.

The word of the year was Laid-Back. I am so glad that I chose this word this year, as it has helped me keep relaxed and just accept the situation without trying to do more "productive" and life-goal type of things. I couldn't remember last year's word of Appreciate, but this year, I kept Laid-back in my mind throughout the year.



In laid-back spirit, I decided to just move quilts forward instead of making big plans. 

I made a bunch of yo-yos out of 1930s authentic and reproduction fabric as well as fabric that fits that style. I also sewed the square centers to make them double sided. There are 756 yo-yos in total.

I also made more blocks for my circle 365 quilt. I started with 269 at the beginning of the year. The photo is block 272. I didn't work on these past January.

 I made this little quilt - Maximum Minimal. I added that flower on the bottom left in February.

I also continued making an index card a day or so. I continued making these throughout the year.



In February, I was tired of making yo-yos and my sewing machine needed repair, so I brought out the quote quilt and added a ladder. 

I made the hearts quilt.

 I also made this Red and White Silhouette quilt for the Color It Red bloghop.

I also added more motifs to the quote quilt. 

In February, I also started showing collections of my quilts in a new feature I call 


In March, I revealed Fancy Squares mini of the month. My sister has given me some great embellishments to add to this quilt so you will see a reintroduction of this quilt at some point.


I kept adding more embellishments to the Quote Quilt.


 In April, I made a number of masks from a number of different patterns to see which ones were better. I shipped them off to my cousin in Canada. I found it very stressful to make masks.


I kept adding more things to the Quote Quilt.



In June, I added more things to the quote quilt. At the end of the month, my brother had a heart attack and suddenly passed away.


 Besides more additions to the Quote Quilt , in July, I made the Pinwheels quilt from blocks I had made a long time ago.


In August, I showed you more of my One Index Card a Day.

I kept adding more things to the Quote Quilt.

I made this 1930s Boro Quilt.


In September, I kept adding things to the Quote Quilt.


In October, I kept adding things to the Quote Quilt. 
I also made some more blocks for Sunshine in Winter.

 I also painted a coffee table my neighbor was discarding. There is another (new?) neighbor on a nearby street who says she has 27 cats. They like to visit my porch and hide out underneath this table. It is always a surprise to see a different cat each time on the porch.


I kept adding things to the Quote Quilt.


 In December, I kept adding things to the Quote Quilt. I also made this Blue Ornaments quilt.


This year has been pretty turbulent, with the on and mostly off job situation, trying to avoid getting or giving coronavirus, my brother passing away, worrying about and trying to find relief for my dog's arthritis, and dealing with so many of my appliances breaking down. 
But it has also been good in many ways. I had lots of free time to do more of the things I enjoy, like cooking and quilting. I took online art classes and am more comfortable with water color and acrylic painting and collage and drawing.  I also have made substantial progress in long overdue household chores, especially my basement cleaning.

The word of the year, Laid-Back, and my early choice of picking up the Quote Quilt helped me a great deal. The 15 Minutes of Stitching a Day also kept me going. Even through hard times, I could pick up some fabric and find some comfort.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It has definitely been a year of self discovery and for those of us that work with fabric, more projects worked on, some finished, some just closer to finish. You have done a variety of projects, all with lots of personal touches. I hope you have another very productive year in 2021.

Kyle said...

I think you did an excellent job working on so many projects. Staying laid back is the perfect survival word and probably one that will be needed for the first part of 2021.

Mariss Stevens said...

You certainly have had a productive year!

dq said...

I loved reading about your laid back philosophy this year. That us really what a hobby should be anyway.

Tanya said...

You had a very productive year! It is good that your quilting and drawing and sewing in general can keep you focused especially with the upset of your brother’s passing and job uncertainty! Very inspiring!!