Friday, September 11, 2009

Do You Want to Scan Another Image?

I want to know who it is that keeps sneaking into my house every night and moving my marker closer to the front of the photo box? You're in big trouble! Every day, for the last several days, I kept thinking "I'm almost done with this box." Then, when I look at the box in the morning, there seems to be more pictures left to do than "almost done."

I don't have any more camera stories. I bought a 35mm camera, a couple of them actually. One was a fixed focus, and one required more work from me. I don't know which photos are which. I can make blurry photos with either one. I think they lasted me for a long time, although I may have had to replace the fixed focus one.

In keeping with the historical nature, I present to you my very first apartment. I did an awesome job of taking only the pretty pictures, so I don't have any pictorial evidence of how incredibly awful that first apartment was. This was my entertainment center. The television was black and white. I found it when I went to the used furniture store to furnish my entire apartment. I hadn't really thought about buying a television, but it was only $20. Everything else on the stand appears to be bought new, although most things in the apartment were bought used. I never did get a phone for that apartment, even though I lived there a whole year. No, there wasn't a computer either. I had a typewriter, what did I need a computer for? The whole office at work shared one computer. I think there was a spreadsheet on it.

On the right of the television are my state-of-the-art cassette tapes. I bought them from Columbia Records and Tapes. I had calculated that each tape cost me $7.49 when you factored in all the free ones and the postage. That wasn't that cheap, but I was a college student when I bought them, and I had more disposable income then. Those holders can hang on the wall, and they have, from time to time. Underneath the television are records. Underneath that is the stereo. It has a radio, a record player. Notice the two cassette tape players. You can play one, and record on the other. It takes as long to record as it takes to play it. The other nice feature of two cassette tapes is that you can push play on both, and when the first tape is finished, it would automatically start on the second one. I was very sad and lonely that year, so I worked a lot of overtime when I lived there, and I didn't spend a lot of time at the apartment. I generally always had some music playing when I was at home. There were a couple of records that I played over and over again, because they gave me comfort, so this stereo got a lot of use.

I still have almost everything but the television now. The plant died a few years ago. The charity didn't want my couch when I was ready to give it away. I gave my records to my brother-in-law last year.


Allie said...

Had to laugh at your comment "I can take blurry pics with either one". Me too! I remember when I moved into my first apartment - with a bed, and a chair. That's it. The bed was given to me, and so was the chair.

Beena said...

I just want to let you know that I'm not the one sneaking in and moving your marker! (giggling)
I am sure you will be so happy to catch whoever is doing it!
I still have a huge box of cassette tapes somewhere. I was so pleased by my collection. Who would have thought back then there would be such a thing called "I Tunes" one day.

Michele Bilyeu said...

I did tell you that I have trouble sleeping didn't I? DH noticed yesterday that I have huge bruises along the back of my leg. I'm not sure what your current house looks like, right this minute...but you need to rearrange the furniture. I keep bumping into things. Also, move that scan box closer to the window please...

Tanya said...

Ah, the records and record player. I had such a little plastic thing in my dorm room. I kept the records for about 20 years (lugging them all the way to Japan) but never have owned a record player again so I finally gave them all away and I don't know what became of my nostalgic college music!