Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Spring

The last batch of pictures I uploaded to my computer were snow pictures. That seems like a lifetime ago. I thought I should take some nicer pictures. Lots of promise.

I received another four kits from Quilts for Kids. I was thinking I was going to share them, knowing there was a possibility that I would be making them all myself. My mother's sewing machine is broken, so I think I am on my own. I already want to make something for myself, so I'm pretty sure my quilting pace will be picked up, so I can fit it all in. It's going to be a busy spring, so don't hold your breath waiting for a finished quilt!

1 comment:

Allie said...

What I wouldn't give to see flowers! Those kits look really wonderful, Shasta. Hope your mum gets her machine fixed soon!