Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Week in Review

It's been a wonderful week. My daughter and I were both off from work for several days, and we spent some time together watching movies, DVDs (17 Again) and television (Good Wife, Numbers) and going shopping for a big trip. Got a fortune cookie that said "You will travel to many exotic places." Hmm, wonder which one of us gets that fortune? Hopefully both of us, although for her, the travel is more imminent. She will be staying in a home instead of a dormitory, which makes her very happy. Some errand running also took place - I mailed off the Quilts for Kids. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it before sending it off.

The weather is warmer, she will be leaving soon, and I will be heading back to work, and all these things combined is making me feel like needing to do a million things at once. It is all very exciting, and I look forward to spring.


Allie said...

Sounds like a great week to me! I admit I have the travel bug myself - without a hope of going anywhere, lol.

Joyce said...

I saw that movie yesterday and Love love the costumes. My fave was the blue long jacket of some sort of silk and pants underneath. She wore it very near the end. I've been looking for pictures of it but no luck so far.

Tanya said...

Travel to Japan! Where is Sushi headed for next?