Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Beginnings

I've been putting things off lately, "this has to wait until after the gathering." We had a family gathering on Friday. Then "it has to wait until the plane leaves." The plane left yesterday, and my daughter is now in back to school mode. It didn't hit me until mid-afternoon that she is on the other side of the world.

The "until" is over. Which means all the to-do things can now be done. Except that I don't want to.

There are all those unfinished quilts that want to be finished, and a car that wants to be pampered, and paper that wants to be recycled, a body that wants a new diet and exercise plan, a house that wants spring cleaned. And that long list of quilts to make that resides only in my brain likes to come out from time to time to make sure none of them are forgotten.

I don't have a recent photo to show you so I pulled one out from a year ago. Sigh, another unfinished project that is taunting me.

I was reading Kathleen Tracy's blog, and she mentioned that she was offering a free doll quilt pattern on the Fairfield batting website. You have to click on the picture to get the pdf. I figured that a simple nine patch doll quilt would be just the right medicine. (Please don't ask about any unfinished doll quilts - they will get done eventually.) A small quick project I can fit into my big quick Quilts for Kids projects.

I think the pioneer days ladies had it easy. They could look into their scrap baskets and look at the size of the pieces and use whatever they had. Now, we have to weed out our scraps that don't fit the mood or scheme we are using. Is this too bright? Too modern? Too whatever. I have to say that all of the fabric I chose is too wrinkled.

It's in the ironing pile.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Thanks for the good laugh...you and your pioneer woman comment! Oh yeah, right after giving birth in the locust infested wheat field that eventually burned to the ground when the neighbors cow escaped its pen and tripped on a oil burning lantern...the last one they owned so the pioneer woman then had to work by candle light only they had two stubs left and needed those to see to teach the kids to read by in the alphabet scratched in the dirt floor. ha ha ha hee hee.

Love your blocks in the photo...loved them. And I think a nine patch doll quilt is PERFECT to get spring mojo back!!! You can give it to dh with a teddy bear when she next returns. BIG GROUP HUG for you and DH!!!

PS...this is the longest comment I've typed since I got my left wrist back. (the one the mad cow stepped on when I fell on the black ice in Alaska)

Allie said...

ROFL - I've rejected clothing because it's too wrinkled - but quilt fabric? That's a first! You are such a hoot!

Lindah said...

You are so funny! But so true. I was there this afternoon, pawing through the drawer of scraps, rejecting one after another --and all were wrinkled. Maybe you just need to putter around in your sewing area for awhile. Sometimes when I don't want to get started sewing, I just putter. And then whoops, first thing you know... I'm sewing. It sorta sneaks up on me when I give myself permission to putter for awhile. I read an article years ago that said that successful people putter. So there you go. lol

Tanya said...

You are too funny. Mine's all wrinkled too. How do people keep their stashes in such perfect order?