Thursday, March 25, 2010

Health Care Debate

Don't worry, I'm not going to be debating health care on the blog. The great health care debate has been going on among the politicians, and come to us as interpreted by the media.

Politically, I don't believe in the ideals of either of our parties. There are parts and pieces I like about each party. So I feel that they should be able to talk to each other and think through reasonable, reasoned, solutions.

Everyone I personally talk to about politics, for the most part, has the same opinion as I do. But a lot of my friends on my facebook account, many of them are strangers and befriended only for game playing purposes, have a different opinion. I really think that part of the reason we pick a particular side or another is because of the influences of the people around us. I think that's why everyone seems to think that everyone has the same opinion as they do.

This is such a hot topic, that I wanted to make sure I understood both sides of it clearly, from regular people, so I could come up with my own, reasoned opinion about this. I have an opinion, and I don't think it is going to change much, but I want to make sure it is properly thought through.

Yesterday at lunch, I broke taboo and asked my lunch mate about his opinion. As we were talking, another man walked up, and I asked him. Both of them were on different sides. Perfect, right? Now we can get to the bottom of this.

I understand why the the politicians can't come up with reasoned decisions. They were both civil, but both of them had higher blood pressure after the debate. They probably both went away thinking that the other one was selfish, viewing the topic only in terms of themselves and their loved ones, and whatever would work best for them.

I think I should just stick to talking about quilts. I might bore them to tears, but they'll be able to maintain their blood pressure. Who knows, it might even be able to lower their blood pressure.


Sunshine said...

Haha, it's pretty normal to view things only in terms of oneself and one's loved ones, no? It'd be nice if everyone was altruistic, but in the end, most people fend for themselves. It's scary to make a sacrifice for others, because we don't know if everyone else will do it, too, and if we're the only ones, then that seems pretty unfair. Otherwise we'd all eat less and buy less to save resources, pay fair prices so workers in other countries aren't exploited etc etc!

Thanks for bringing up this topic - I'd rather read this than someone's update on their kids, whom I don't know *grins*.


Allie said...

There are certain people I'll talk to about it, and some I won't - I don't want them to have a stroke, lol. I honestly think we need sweeping reform of politicians, on BOTH sides!