Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School

One of the things that have been on the backburner during all the busyness of the year, has been catching the sales.  There are lots of back to school sales, and I have been letting them go for the most part.  After all, I have all the supplies I need, and even if they are ten or twenty-five or fifty cents, that is still "expensive."  If you remember from last year, my daughter is worried about her ability to use them all in her life time.  What happened to the penny sales?

Well this week, Staples has some really good sales. Things that are free (except for the tax) or a penny. The paper is on sale only through Wednesday - the rest of it lasts all week.  There is also a $5 coupon for a purchase of $50 or more, but I decided not to add to my purchase to get up to $50.    I got all of these things for $1.05, plus tax on the full price.  I also bought water and tissues which were also on sale.  They weren't extraordinary deals, but they were good sales prices and we needed them.  I am going to donate the paper for a back to school drive, but I think I will be able to use the rest.

Even if you don't have anyone going back to school, a lot of these supplies have good uses.  Ohio Quilter's Journey has some ideas on her blog.


Allie said...

You did good! I forgot about the back to school sales, I need paper...I'm going to have to go shopping!

Barb said...

hi Shasta -
I've been away from the computer a little while and just catching up.
Thanks for the reminder to get school supplies now. I don't know how staples gives the stuff away -