Sunday, August 15, 2010

Book Review: An American Bride

I haven't been able to post positive reviews for the books I have received so far from Dorrance. The books are okay, but these are small authors who haven't been published before, and for the most part, the books haven't been edited very well. I chose this book because it was one of their more popular books, and because it seems like an interesting story. It is about a young Saudi who travels to America for his education, and attempts to escape the overbearing culturally and religiously strict father. He meets a Christian woman he wants to marry.

Just like the Amish story, it is written by someone who isn't a part of the culture. The author, Fidelia Moore Parker,  is a Christian who lived in a predominantly Moslem community in Nigeria, but writes about Saudi Arabia and America.

This book has a few grammatical and typographical errors, and the writing was very awkward. I didn't enjoy reading it, and I decided to not to finish it. It explained things more than showed it, especially the bad treatment of women. Here's a quote I found especially humorous.

"Well, that ain't what I've seen. Get your dirty tobacco foul breath and your loser buddies off my premises before I have y'all picked up for trespassing. Y'all aren't my customers here. For starters, y'all got no money, and second of all y'all are harassing my customers. So, y'all better be be gone before you wish y'all were never here. Be gone like bugs be gone, before I blink my eyes go on."

I got this book from Dorrance Publishing, Inc. in exchange for this review.

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Unknown said...

Correction: The author does not live in Nigeria. The book stated that the author was raised in Nigeria.You quoted wrongly
Open minded is very important in reviewing books.